. Friday & Saturday July 12 & 13 Molly Brown is determined to rise from her country roots and marry a rich man. She finds one in Johnny Brown who's just sold off his lucrative claim on a Colorado silver mine. With the cash hidden in a stove, Molly accidentally burns it. But Johnny soon strikes it rich in gold, making the pair Denver royalty. But money doesn't ensure happiness and, with their union on the rocks, Molly travels to Europe -- before making an eventful return trip on the Titanic. The Players will keep you entertained with the rousing dance numbers and great songs from this wonderful 1960's musical. Evening Shows 7pm Saturday Matinee 3pm Tickets $12 Reservations Please 570-836-6986 Credit Cards Accepted Starlite Playhouse 602 Hunter Highway - Tunkhannock 570-836-6986 or email kimdwhipple@frontier.com